Funds transfer date

Funds transfer date

The transfer of funds from the easypay Payments Account to your bank account can be daily, with a transfer cost, weekly or monthly, at no charge. By default, the transfer is daily. If you want to change, please inform us in the process of joining.


Multibanco References, Direct Debits, MBWay, Bank Transfer (by IBAN Digital), Boleto Bancário

Payment between:
  • Sunday-Monday (13:59) – funds transfer on Wednesday;
  • Monday – Tuesday (13:59) – funds transfer on Thursday;
  • Tuesday – Wednesday (13:59) – funds transfer on Friday;
  • Wednesday – Thursday (13:59) – funds transfer on Monday;
  • Thursday – Saturday – funds transfer on Tuesday.
Visa e MasterCard Cards

Payment between:

Sunday – Saturday – transfer on Tuesday of the 1st following week.

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