Accept payments with bank slips from Brazil

Accept the Bank Slips (Boleto Bancário) in your online store and start selling to Brazil.

Why your business should accept Bank Slips

Leading payment method in Brazil

Boleto Bancário is the second most used form of payment in Brazilian e-commerce. If you have or are looking to have clients in Brazil, it is essential that your company accept payments via Boleto Bancário.

Receive in Euros

With the easypay solution for payments by Boleto Bancário you can receive transfers from Brazil in Euros. 

Faster shipping

Boleto Bancário is an official payment, regulated by the Central Bank of Brazil. Payments by Boleto Bancário do not allow refunds so you can ship the product or provide the service as soon as you receive notification of payment. 

Total flexibility

With the easypay solution, the merchant can issue the Boleto where he identifies the customer, the amount to be paid and sets a deadline for the document to be paid. 

Ready to accept payments via Bank Slip?

Which type of Bank Slip is right for you?


The information with the payment data is registered in a bar code so that it is easy for the customer to make the payment by Boleto Bancário.​

Brick and mortar

The Customer can pay at various points such as stores, pharmacies or bookmakers. Payment notification arrives within 24 hours.


Frequently asked questions related to Boleto Bancário payments.

These are the main advantages of accepting bank slips from Brazil with easypay

  • It is one of the most used payment methods in Brazil.
  • It is safe and certified by the Central Bank of Brazil
  • No returns, which means you can ship immediately

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