How to configure the notification URL

How to configure the notification URL

easypay recommends tat you only use the Generic notification.

Whenever there is a payment or a change of frequent payment status or Subscriptions, easypay sends a Generic Notification. Thus, in most cases, just configuring the Generic Notification is sufficient.

Para configurar uma Generic Notification:

  1. Log into easypay’s Backoffice;
  2. “Webservices” menu;
  3. “Configuration API 2.0”
  4. “Notifications”.

Generic – url – notifies all changes in the status, payments, authorizations, cancellations, etc.

Payment – url – notifies payments only.

Authorization – url – Notifies the creation of authorizations.

Card redirect – url ( Visa Fwd ) – Url to which easypay will redirect, after the user has completed the payment details.

Card Details – url ( Visa Details ) – URL must be configured for easypay to obtain the transaction details.