How to generate authentication keys

How to generate authentication keys

Authentication Keys allow you to control who can access easypay’s APIs on your behalf.

You can create as many Authentication Keys as you like. Thus, we recommend that if you have a website and an app, create authentication keys for each of these services.

Authentication Keys are your BIGGEST secret. You must be very careful in the way you will share them with the company or developer that can develop the Site/App.

If you suspect that someone has inadvertently accessed the Authentication Keys, you should delete them as soon as possible.

How to generate authentication keys
  1. Log into easypay’s Backoffice
  2. Click “Webservices” menu;
  3. “Configuration API 2.0”;
  4. “Keys”;
  5. “Nova”;
  6. Give a name to the key, for example “Website x”;
  7. “Save”.

After these steps, an authentication key pair consisting of API Key and AccountID is generated.