Frequent Payments

Frequent Payments

If you want to offer your customers a frictionless payment experience, use Frequent Payments. Do not confuse with subscriptions, where the amount and frequency are fixed.

Allows the customer, when making a new purchase, not having to re-enter payment data, eliminating friction in payment and giving your client a better shopping experience.

Available Payment methods:

  1. Multibanco Reference;
  2. MBWay;
  3. Direct Debits;
  4. Visa and Mastercard cards;
  5. Bank Tranfers (with Digital IBAN)

Ideal solution for payments with frequency, periodicity and undefined amounts:

  • Online stores;
  • Apps (Uber, Glovo, Pharmacies, Volup);
  • Monthly invoices (EDP, Galp, Epal, Colégios);
  • Donations management;
  • etc.

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