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If you want to make recurring and automatic payments for payments with a fixed amount and defined frequency, use the easypay subscription service. Do not confuse with Frequent Payments, which have no defined value and frequency.

Easypay Subscriptions Advantages:

More than 10 years of experience in managing subscriptions for large merchants who need an efficient and automatic system to manage thousands of customers and billings per month.

With easypay subscriptions you can define:

  • The start date and end date of the subscription;
  • The number of charges;
  • The frequency of collection;
  • The number of attempts per billing;
  • The amount to be charged upon joining (optional);

Available Payment Methods:

  1. Direct Debit;
  2. Visa and Mastercard cards.

Perfect Solution for:

  • Newspaper Subscriptions;
  • Fees for Gyms and Colleges/Universities
  • Collection of installments;
  • Donation Management;
  • etc.

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Frequent Payments with subscriptions:

To avoid entering the same credentials several times for multiple subscriptions, easypay suggests that you start by creating a Frequent Payment, and then create the subscriptions with the frequent payment details.

This way your customer only has to enter the payment data once instead of several times.

Perfect solution when a parent has to pay 3 subscriptions for 3 children and requires 3 independent processes. With easypay subscriptions you only have to do:

  • 1 authentication of a frequent payment
  • Authorizing three subscriptions associated with frequent payment.