Case Studies


Marketplace that sells products from multiple merchants in a single purchase and wants to automatically split payments between them.

Follow PSD2 regulation (Directive 2015/2366) in which Marketplaces are only intermediaries, not being able to store payments and having to distribute the funds immediately.

Our solution

Split Payments – With the easypay marketplaces solution, in one payment, the funds are automatically divided by each supplier, through split payments.

Funds are held until the merchant proves delivery of the good.

It is possible to return the payment by the same payment method with which the payment was made (except Multibanco Reference).

Easypay commissions are automatically retained by the marketplace and can be paid by the marketplace itself. marketplace, by the merchant or divided by the various players.


Complies with PSD2 regulation (Directive 2015/2366)

Automatism and efficiency in the division of funds between the various merchants and the marketplace

Simplicity: The end customer makes only one payment when purchasing multiple products from different merchants.



Provide your customers with a payment gateway in a short time-to-market.

Looking for your business customers for a digital payment solution.

Our solution

Partnership with easypay allowing the easypay payment gateway to be made available to its customers with all its experience, know-how and recognition in the market.


Business growth for both parties: increase in the number of companies and volume of payments.

Increase in the satisfaction of the bank’s customers by connecting to an experienced and agile partner, with also the delivery of innovative solutions for specific needs.

Loyalty of the bank’s customers.

Access to all information about payments on the easypay Backoffice that offers an unlimited history.


Create an agile mechanism for collecting subscriptions through Direct Debit, making collections every day of the month, and anticipating the need to deal with large volumes of transactions of various amounts, taking into account the brand’s expansion plans.

Having a specialized external operator to avoid internal structures for managing the collection process with the involvement of more banking entities.

Our solution

Process adapted to the client, which ensures the daily collection of subscription fees, depending on the date of each partner and the specific value of the subscription contracted.

Possibility of making a second Direct Debit or, alternatively, a punctual payment mechanism in case of unsuccessful payment on the set dates.


Handling a large volume of daily collections, totally varying the collection cost and ensuring that all the complexity associated with the connection with banking entities is carried out by a specialized company.

Clear and transparent information about all charges on the easypay Backoffice that provides unlimited history.

Customer loyalty by joining the Direct Debit system.


In online sales – To provide a payment gateway with a simple, intuitive checkout that reduces friction in payment and consequently the rate of abandonment of the shopping cart.

In Offline sales – To provide a payment method that would improve payment terms and cash flow.

Our solution

In Online Sales – integration with the new easypay Checkout. This innovative, customizable product has simple settings, and all leading payment methods.

In Offline Sales – Use of Frequent Payments with B2B Direct Debits and Visa and Mastercard Cards.​


Less payment friction.

Increase in billing rates and customer loyalty.

Access to all information in a single Backoffice with unlimited History.

Your business grows with easypay

We simplify complexity with payment solutions that optimize your business management, save time in payment verification and prepare your company to sell to the whole world.