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As a Merchant

There are best practices which can help you build trust with customers and bring new sales.

Visa and Master Card

‐ Terms and Conditions

‐ Contact page

‐ Visa and MasterCard and easypay logos

SEPA Direct Debit

‐ Information about first debit date, value and frequency

‐ Mandate should be signed

‐ easypay is the processor


‐ Split reference number in 9 digits (123 456 789)

‐ easypay is the processor

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As a Consumer

take a look at our recommendations on how to better protect your e-money

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Being a Fintech (digital native) helps easypay to understand your business and the goals you want to achieve. easypay business consultants would like to share their experience and listen to your thoughts for you to achieve the growth we want.

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Easypay, as a payment institution, provides all payment schemes with a single payment facilitator registration - Multibanco, VISA, MasterCard, SEPA Direct Debit,Brazilian Boleto, MBWAY

Today, not tomorrow!

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Need to create your own custom solutions? We provide you with API so you can develop on top of our platform. No team? No problem! We have plugins and partnership solutions that might help

Today, not tomorrow!

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