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easypay FAQs


  • How to join easypay?

By joining easypay, you are creating a Payment Account where you receive all the funds from your transactions. Membership is made directly on easypay website (more on the steps of onboarding here), where you will have to submit information and documents for the KYC – Know Your Customer process. Learn more here.

  • Can any company be an easypay customer?

To be an easypay customer, the head office must be included in the SEPA space. It may also require special approval if it is included in the  list of Prohibited Activities or Subject to Approval (if this is the In your case, send an email to Correio@easypay.pt with the SUBJECT: “Activity Subject to Approval” asking your business for analysis.

  • What should I do if easypay appears on my statement?

If easypay appears on your bank statement, it means that a purchase or payment has been made to a store, company or entity that uses easypay to process your payments (learn more).

  • What to do if I made a mistake making a payment by ATM Reference?

If, when paying for an ATM Reference, you made a mistake in the entity or reference number. If the entity is from easypay, see here the steps following. If not, you should contact the company that manages that entity (See entity list).

  • What is the SEPA space?

SEPA (Single Euro Payment Area) is a geographic area which includes 36 European countries (with and without the Euro as the official currency). In this space, companies and other agents can make and receive payments in euros (with the same rights and obligations). Here more information.

  • What is the difference between Marketplace easypay and Multi-merchant easypay?

In the marketplaces solution, the end customer buys from several merchants and makes a single payment, and the marketplace receives the full payment and with Split payments distributes the funds to merchants. In the multi-merchant solution, the end customer buys from several merchants and makes one payment per merchant. See here all the differences.

  • What is easypay PCI Compliant for?

The PCI Certificate (or just PCI DSS) is the international data security standard in the credit card industry.
Easypay has an annual audit that guarantees the greatest security control in the processing and secure storage of data. of cards (learn more).

  • Can I have Visa and Mastercard cards if I join via partner?

You can only activate Visa and Mastercard cards if your partner has contracted with easypay the Visa and Mastercard payment method.


  • What is Strong Authentication?

Strong authentication is an additional measure (SMS or APP) required by the rules of PSD2 (Payments Service Directive 2) and aims to ensure that you only access backoffice easypay the holder of the strong authentication factor. This procedure eliminates, among others, phishing actions (Learn how to choose the strong authentication factor here)

  • What is the most secure strong authentication factor?

The APP is the authentication factor most secure because there are cases of hackers having managed to perform a SIM SWAP operation, which can redirect the messages that your cell phone receives to the hacker’s cell phone.

easypay recommends that you use a 2FA authentication APP (Two Factor Authentication). The use of this APP also has the advantage of being able to access the backoffice in environments without mobile network coverage.

  • How to change account details?

It is possible to change the account data, see how to change the address or name of the company, password, IBAN and finally what to do if you need to change the NIF a>.

  • What documents are required to open an easypay Account?

The documents required by Banco de Portugal depend on the type of Organization, see the required documents.

  • What is the Accession Proposal?

The Proposal and Adhesion is the formalization in physical support of the contract between the two parties (Merchant and easypay) in which the conditions in force are established. Only after this contract is signed by both parties can the funds be transferred.

What is the Proposed Amendment?

It is an addendum to the initial agreement (PDA), which will have to be made whenever there are changes to any Payment Account data. These changes only take effect after easypay sends the Change Proposal, which is signed and returned.

  • Can I add new users to Backoffice easypay?

Yes, you can add as many users as you want. See how add a new user.

  • What is KYC (Know your Customer)?

KYC is the mandatory procedure for verifying the identity of customers and their activities to combat money laundering and terrorist financing. easypay, as a payment institution regulated by the Bank of Portugal, the European Central Bank and the European Council, must comply with the Laws and Regulations relating to KYC (learn more).

  • My company is headquartered outside Portugal. Can I work with easypay?

Yes, if the company’s head office belongs to the SEPA Space.

See  What is the SEPA space?


  • What is an easypay Payments Account?

Payments Account is the account you open at easypay, where receive all funds from your transactions (Learn more).

  • On what dates are funds transferred?

As a rule, funds are transferred in D+2, but the frequency may vary depending on the payment method used, or the day of the week (see here the date of transfer of funds).

  • How to check if a referral is paid?

To check if a referral has been paid, check the easypay Backoffice. See all the steps here.

  • I am already an easypay customer and I will launch a new store. What do I have to do?

All you have to do is ask easypay to create a new Payments Account associated with your original account. Send an email to Correio@easypay.pt with the SUBJECT: Add a new CIN.

  • Can I have Visa and Mastercard without having a website?

Yes, but you must have at least one landing page because for easypay to activate Visa and Mastercard Cards, companies must be validated by the acquirer. This validation requires an analysis of the site and confirmation that it includes some mandatory components.

  • How can I get real-time notifications?

easypay allows you to receive real-time notifications of changes in the status of a payment, payments, authorizations and cancellations. To do this, you must configure notifications on the easypay Backoffice (Learn more)< /p>

Commissions Account

  • What is the easypay Commission Account?

The Commissions Account is an account segregated from the Payments Account. The transaction commission charged by easypay is debited from a separate account, for a simpler and more transparent bank reconciliation (see how load the Commission Account).

  • I have a Payments Account but no Commissions Account. Can I have it?

Yes. Send an email to Correio@easypay.pt with the SUBJECT: Add Commission Account.

  • What to do if I don’t see the Commissions Account in the Backoffice?

Send an email to Correio@easypay.pt with the SUBJECT: Commission Account Access.

  • When the Commission Account has a negative balance, am I notified?

Yes, you receive an email with notification and loading instructions (learn how to upload the Commissions Account< /a>).

  • Where can I find the Commission Account statement?

Find the statement in theBackoffice easypay, Menu ‘Commissions Account (FPA)‘ and then ‘Statement‘, you will find the list of transactions made.


  • How can I integrate with easypay?

You can integrate the easypay API here!

  • What plugins does easypay offer?

In order to ensure that your online store guarantees all the features that best suit your company, easypay has the following plugins available: Magento, Woocommerce, Prestashop, Shopify.


  • What is an easypay timely payment?

Payment made once only by the customer when purchasing a product or service (learn more).

  • What is an easypay frequent payment?

Allows the customer, when making a new purchase, not to have to enter payment details, eliminating payment friction and giving give you a better shopping experience . Unlike subscriptions, where the amount and frequency are fixed (learn more).

  • What are easypay subscriptions?

These are recurring and automatic charges for payments with a fixed amount and defined frequency. Different from  Payments Frequent, which has no defined value, frequency and periodicity (learn more).

  • What are shared payments easypay

For situations where you want to share a payment: an invoice, or quote, that can be paid by several people (learn more).

  • What are easypay split payments?

Solution that automatically splits the payment of a purchase/service by multiple merchants or suppliers (Marketplace). Learn more.

  • How can I request an easypay form?

Make your request to create or change a form in writing to the email: Correio@easypay.pt, indicating the information you wish to present/request. Learn more about easypay forms.


  • Are there membership fees?

To join easypay there is no membership fee or monthly fee (learn more).