easypay's competitive advantages

Why is easypay the best choice?

Most merchants think legacy banks are the first and best choice for using payment gateways. Not anymore.

Banks are not as fast as Payment Service Providers like easypay and don't usually have specialized teams to help you achieve the best user experience for your customers.
When your customers demand multiple payment methods, like direct debit and credit cards you shouldn't have to develop different types of charging, reading records and settlements.
easypay allows you to keep track of all your payments in real time, by email, API webservice system and your own easypay dashboard.

That's why you should chose a fintech like easypay instead of legacy banks.
That’s why some Banks already work with us!


Specialized team

Easy to set up

One system (API) for all payment methods

Integration through a partner, a developer or plugin

Lowest pricing

Access to a free Sandbox

Legacy Banks

We started doing business in 2007 and are growing at 50% every year. In order to succeed we must say yes to your challenges and be the fastest to meet them. This is how we work and we want you to share your vision with us. Our specialized consultant team is always available to hear your thoughts.

We have the most popular payment methods in one single gateway. Credit cards, SEPA Direct debit, Multibanco, MB Way and Brazilian Boleto are very easy to integrate and allow you to start getting paid in a few minutes, by using our plug-ins or APl's.

At easypay premium services are available to everyone. For example, you can create and manage multiple users with different permissions, and activate a two-factor authenticator to enhance the security of your login.

Vantagens do serviço Easypay

Collect payments from all over the world with your easypay account. easypay is licensed  to hold payment accounts to all companies based in SEPA countries since 2015. Check out our main competitive advantages.

Portuguese players

Institution Multibanco Visa &
MBWay Realtime

Being a Fintech (digital native) helps easypay to understand your business and the goals you want to achieve. easypay business consultants would like to share their experience and listen to your thoughts for you to achieve the growth we want.

Today, not tomorrow!

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Easypay, as a payment institution, provides all payment schemes with a single payment facilitator registration - Multibanco, VISA, MasterCard, SEPA Direct Debit,Brazilian Boleto, MBWAY

Today, not tomorrow!

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Need to create your own custom solutions? We provide you with API so you can develop on top of our platform. No team? No problem! We have plugins and partnership solutions that might help

Today, not tomorrow!

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