Payment methods for your business

Everything you need to accept leading payment methods.

Every type of Multibanco reference, for every situation

Multibanco reference with check-digit.

Multibanco reference with check-digit and expiry date.

Multibanco reference by file.

Accept payments by MB Way in your store, website or app

Improve your shopping experience and increase your conversion rate

Includes authorization, payment and refunds

Generate payments via API or easypay Backoffice

Receive payments by Visa and Mastercard

The most used payment method in the world

Faster and more intuitive checkout

PCI-DSS Level 1 certificate, the most secure

Easy refunds

Frictionless payments with Direct Debit

One single authorization

In any country in the SEPA zone

With full flexibility

Receive payments by bank slip from Brazil

Leading payment method in Brazil

Receive in Euros

Speed up shipping

Increase payment transparency with a Virtual IBAN

Unequivocally identify who is paying what

Unique Virtual IBAN for each customer, invoices, or contracts

Payment success rate much higher than Multibanco References

Your business grows with easypay

We simplify complexity with payment solutions that optimize your business management, save time in payment verification and prepare your company to sell to the whole world.