Multibanco Gateway - most used payment method in Portugal


multibanco is the Most popular payment scheme in Portugal

  • Well established payment method for anyone with a Portuguese bank account

  • 100% safe for the merchant because it’s non-refundable

  • Customized information allows quick and easy bank reconciliation and identification of which payment(s) are successfully completed

  • Real-time notification allowing the merchant to ship the goods or provide the service immediately

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Reference types


These are open-value references meaning that they accept any amount between €1 and €99,999. These values and the expiration date are configurable. e.g.: Top-up accounts, donations, installments.


References calculated by an algorithm blocking the value to be paid without expiration date. e.g. Single payments, Invoicing, E-commerce.

Check-Digit with Expiry Date

Check-Digit with Expiry Date

References calculated by an algorithm with an expiration date. e.g. Ticketing, Invoicing, Booking and merchants with limited stock merchandise.


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Online Stores / E-Commerce
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img elemento clients easypay
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Easypay, as a payment institution, provides all payment schemes with a single payment facilitator registration - Multibanco, VISA, MasterCard, SEPA Direct Debit,Brazilian Boleto, MBWAY

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