Receive bank transfer payments with a Virtual IBAN and increase bank reconciliation efficiency

With Virtual IBAN, your bank transfers are automatically associated with the payer, invoice or payment to which they relate. Eliminate the time and complexity of identifying payments with Virtual IBAN.

Why your business needs Virtual IBAN

For the merchant

Identify the source of payment

Automate banking reconciliation

Allow refunds

Accept international payments

Centralize payment data with easypay Backoffice

For the customer

Same process as with bank transfers

No need to issue payment receipt

Allow refunds

International payments


Transfers with unique references

Unambiguously identify the payment: Who is paying and what

Assign a Virtual IBAN to each customer, to an invoice, or to a contract

Payment success rate much higher than with Multibanco References

Notifications the following day

Ready to accept Virtual IBAN?

How to setup Virtual IBAN


Frequently asked questions related to payments by Digital IBAN.

These are the main advantages of accepting payments via Digital IBAN:

  • Increased efficiency and automation of Bank reconciliation
  • Identifies the origin of receipts, payer;
  • Can be used from abroad
  • All payment information on easypay's Backoffice.

Online shopping, invoice payments and donations.

To include a new payment method, you must have contracted it with us:

1) If you are already hired, you can integrate via API, or if you have the easypay checkout, you can configure it directly.

2) If you don't have it yet, you have to send us a request to with the subject "Add digital Iban" to send you a Proposal for Change
to the contract you have with us and be able to start using the Digital IBAN.

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