Accept MB Way payments on your store, website or app.​

What if it was possible for someone to make a payment to your company with just their mobile phone? easypay’s platform provides MB Way payments in physical stores, online stores and apps. Allows your customers to pay more conveniently and reduce the abandonment rate at the time of payment. 

Why your business should provide MB Way payments

Improve the shopping experience

In physical store, online, on the move or even remotely. easypay has a solution for your company to accept MB Way payments. Offer a more intuitive experience > 

Increase conversion rate

By integrating MB WAY payments, you are minimizing abandonment at the time of purchase. With MB WAY payments, the customer only uses the telephone number, the fastest method. See prices >

The simplest way for your customer

Merchants who adhere to MB WAY payments allow their customers to pay only with their phones. There are already millions of users of the MB WAY app in Portugal, which makes this payment method one of the most used online, in apps or physical stores. Get in touch >

Know what is paid and what is due

Each payment is uniquely identified so that you can confirm and ship orders or start providing services immediately. See how to get started >

Ready to accept payments by MB Way?

How do Mb Way payments work?

1. Authorize payment from easypay backoffice or API

To receive a MB Way payment, you only need to generate a payment request via API or easypay Backoffice that the customer will have to accept on their mobile phone within 3 minutes. If the transaction is successful, you will receive a notification. Provide a more intuitive experience > 

2. The customer validates the payment on their smartphone

For each payment, the customer receives details on their mobile phone and validates the purchase using a pin code or fingerprint. The process is simple and touchless. Contact our sales team >

3. Payment received! If necessary, process returns

Besides receiving money easily with MB Way easypay payments, you can also handle returns with just a few clicks. All on the same platform. Start accepting MB Way payments >


Frequently asked questions related to MB Way payments.

MBWay is the payment method that has shown the most growth in Portugal, due to its simplicity and reduction of payment friction.

These are the main advantages of accepting MB Way payments with easypay

  • The merchant does not need to have an associated mobile number;
  • It is a quick and easy means of payment, which allows for a lower abandonment rate at checkout;
  • There is no limit on the number of transfers to receive;
  • The merchant only needs to generate a payment request via API or easypay Backoffice that the customer will have to accept, on his mobile phone, within the next 3 minutes. If the transaction is successful, you will receive a notification.

Having MBWay allows your customers to pay by mobile. Through the app, customers can link a debit or credit card to a mobile number and make instant purchases and payments.

  1. The customer subscribes to the service via Multibanco or homebanking, associating the bank account with the mobile number
  2. Complete activation via the MBWAY App
  3. For each payment, you receive the details on your mobile phone and validate the purchase with a pin or fingerprint

Merchants can authorize, accept payments and issue returns.

To add a new payment method, you must have contracted it with us:

1) If you already have, you can integrate via API. If you have the easypay checkout, you can configure it directly, or you can even generate payments directly from the Backoffice (see tutorial here).

2) If you don't have it yet,  send us a request to with the subject "Add MB Way" so we can email you an Amendment Proposal

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