Santander Consumer Finance, personal loans for online shopping

The innovation e-commerce was looking for. Increase your average ticket and overall sales.

Why choose Santander Consumer Finance?

Online payments now with personal loans

With Santander Consumer Finance, merchants can provide financing solutions to their end customers, directly in their online stores.

Fast, simple, safe

Applications to personal loans made simple and digital. Once customers choose this option, the personal loan application is submitted and approved online in just minutes.

Increased sales and average ticket

An online loan solution that increases sales and average purchase value, promoting your business growth.

No need to be a credit intermediary

We act as a credit intermediary and Santander Consumer Finance acts as a lender. As a merchant, you do not need to be a credit intermediary.


Start providing loans to end costumers today

How does Santander Consumer Finance work?

1. Create an account

Every easypay merchant can integrate via API or easypay checkout. To start, you must after apply for an account, which will be reviewed within 5 days.

If you are not an easypay customer, the first step is to sign up. You can join easypay directly on our website by completing the onboarding process. Fill out the form indicating your interest in Santander Consumer Finance and the process will be submitted for approval by easypay and Santander Consumer Finance. Start the process here.

2. Integrate via API or Checkout

Once approved, you can integrate via API or with the easypay checkout. The process is simple and you can start giving your customers the ability to buy online with a personal loan.

3. Customers choose Santander Consumer Finance

Customers choose this option at checkout as any other means of payment. Then, they are directed to the Santander Consumer Finance page where they will be required to provide identification, choose the desired monthly installment and digitally sign a credit contract.


Frequently asked questions related to Santander Consumer Finance.

O SCF é líder em financiamento ao consumidor, opera em 16 países europeus e faz parte do Grupo Santander, um dos grupos financeiros mais importantes do mundo.

It is a solution that allows online merchants to provide their end customers with financing solutions.

This financing solution is categorized by Banco de Portugal as Personal Loans - Home and Other Purposes. Every merchant operating within this category is eligible for the SCF solution.



  • Non-Home Equipment and Services
  • Travel and Leisure
  • Sport
  • Fashion
  • Musical instruments
  • Auto accessories
  • Fashion and Accessories
  • Electrical and Electronic Equipment
  • Home equipment
  • Communications and other home services

If you have questions about whether your activity is included please contact us.

No. You can keep your current bank.

Merchants should only process the purchase after order confirmation, meaning the order is paid and visible in the payments account.

This product is available for transactions from 250€ to 6.000€

It depends. If funds are still held at easypay, the merchant must provide information to both easypay and SCF. To this end email us at and authorizing easypay to move the funds to the SCF, properly identifying the customer (VAT) and transaction (# easypay transaction)

If the funds have already been paid by easypay to the merchant, you should contact SCF at requesting cancellation/cancellation of the transaction, identifying the customer (NIF) and transaction (# easypay transaction) and accompanying proof of transfer to IBAN SCF PT50001800031513739102089 of the total amount of the client's financing request (equivalent to the amount received by the merchant)

Cancellations up to 3 months are free. Other than that, fees may apply.

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