Split payments among merchants

Our solution automatically splits the payment for a purchase/service across multiple merchants or suppliers.

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Split funds automatically

With easypay split payments, you don't have to worry about splitting funds between providers. The end customer makes only one payment and easypay automatically credits each merchant's easypay Payment Accounts for the respective amount.

Define who pays which fees

In a Split Payment you can define who pays the easypay commission: marketplace or merchants. The commissions being debited in a separate account.

Issue refunds

easypay also provides a payment refund service, via the purchase method used (MBWay or Visa and Mastercard cards) or via bank transfer.

Withhold funds until delivery confirmation

Funds may be retained in the easypay Payment Account until confirmation of delivery of the goods or provision of the service.

Works with leading payment methods

Multibanco reference
VISA and MasterCard
Direct Debit
Bank slip
Digital IBAN

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