Increase your sales by accepting new payment methods   Join in minutes

Suitable for any type of payment, from an invoice to an online shop purchase and for direct debit.


The implementation is done in minutes and is ready to work with key management software and online stores. We provide web services for both Linux and Windows.

Receive by Multibanco, Visa, MasterCard, Amex, PaysafeCard, Direct Debit   Follow payments in real-time

Your budgets and monthly bills can be paid in all ATM machines, home banking, Internet and even mobile phones.


Whenever a payment is recieved, we notify you immediately by email. You can opt to receive payment notifications by sms or webservice.

You can have customers around the world   Get a backup of all payments

You can sell to anywhere in the world and recieve money without restrictions.


Payment history is stored for 5 years.

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