Implementing payment gateway in Prestashop

In order to implement our payment solution with Prestashop 1.6x we offer a module that can be downloaded for free and easily installed.

The module supports the following payment types:

1 - Multibanco, with real-time notification and order status uptading on payment, also you can choose to generate date limited payment identifiers.

2 - Credit Card, redirecting to our safe credit card gateway, manual or automatic capture and realtime notification.


1 - Login as administrator into your site backoffice and load the module:

    * Enter the Modules separator, add a new module and "Browse" to select the module zip file.

2 - Configure your easypay module clicking "Payments & Gateways". You have to look for it in the list and press "Install", and then you'll be able to configure it with your easypay client info.

3 - After all steps above are done, just go back to the list and enable the module.

4 - Check if all restrictions are in place, go into Modules > Payment, for Multibanco you should only allow Euro currency, and Portugal as Country.

5 - You have to configure the following at easypay's backoffice > URL Configurations:

    * visa - detalhe - http://yoursite/modules/cartaocredito/payment/ps_service/cc/detalhe.php - for VISA only

    * visa - fwd - http://yoursite/modules/cartaocredito/payment/ps_service/cc/fwd.php - for VISA only

    * url notificação - http://yoursite/modules/cartaocredito/payment/ps_service/cc/response.php - for VISA only


    * http://yoursite/modules/multibanco/payment/ps_service/response.php


Click here to download our prestashop multibanco module


Click here to download our prestashop credit card module

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Easypay, as a payment institution, provides all payment schemes with a single payment facilitator registration - Multibanco, VISA, MasterCard, SEPA Direct Debit,Brazilian Boleto, MBWAY

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