Simplify donation management with our payment solution

Fundraising or raising expectations?

Our payment gateway was built to raise expectations. Increase donations, simplify processes and reduce friction in payments with easypay integration.

A payment system prepared to receive payments with any frequency: single, frequent and subscriptions. Ideal for memberships and donations.

Simple forms to attract donors, manage members and organize events. ​

Leading payment methods on a single platform. Easily match donors/associates to payments.​

We are specialists handling direct debits with incomparable advantages compared to the service provided by banks.

Key features for NGOs

Single integration

With a single integration, you have access to multiple easypay products and features, which promote efficient collection of donations/membership fees.

Automate processes

Simplify and automate donations or fees through Direct Debits or easypay subscriptions

Simplify information management

By joining easypay, you can manage all payments in a single Backoffice with access to an unlimited data history.

Partner with an expert team

easypay works in partnership with organizations seeking to respond to specific needs, talk to us.

Access leading payment methods

Accept leading payment methods, including the most widely used worldwide.

Accept frequent payments

Upon signing up, the donor fills in the bank account data in an easypay form and chooses the frequency and the amount. We then automatically collect the amount on the agreed dates.

Your business grows with easypay

We simplify complexity with efficient payments, simplified management.
Get ready to sell more with our global payment solutions.