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Simplifying the complexity of a Marketplace

Multiple vendors, customers and payment options. Managing the complexity of Marketplaces requires specific solutions designed to improve sales and simplify processes. 

easypay offers a wide range of features, for any situation that may occur on the Marketplace.

Split payments between merchants, retain funds until deliveries are proven, and refund customers in the same way as the payment was made.

Adding new merchants is simple with the easypay API.​

The easypay Marketplace solution is compatible with the PSD2 directive, namely with regard to the ownership of funds by the Marketplace.

Key features for Marketplaces

Split Payments

Automatically split the payment across multiple merchants on the marketplace each time the end customer makes a payment. Funds are automatically credited to each of the merchants' accounts.​

Shared payment fees

easypay's payment processing fee can be paid by the Marketplace, by the merchant or divided among the various players.​

Refunds made simple

Issue refunds using the payment method used by the customer. If that fails, refunds can be issued via IBAN bank transfer.

Open merchant accounts via API

The marketplace can open merchant accounts through the easypay API and always know the membership status.

A single integration

Leading payment methods with a single integration: Multibanco reference, MBWay, Visa & Mastercard, Direct Debit.

PSD2 ready

easypay allows the marketplace to receive its margin and deliver the funds directly to merchants without going through your account, thus making the solution compliant with the PSD2 directive

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