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Start accepting payments today via Visa and Mastercard, the most widely used payment method globally.
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Benefits of accepting
Visa and Mastercard payments?

The most popular payment method in the world

Merchants capable of receiving Visa and Mastercard payments are embracing the most widely used payment methods around the world, Prepare your business for international expansion and facilitate the checkout process. Provide a simply better experience >

Faster, more intuitive checkout

For single or frequent payments, where the customer enters their card details once. On your next purchase, checkout will be faster, reducing payment friction. See how to receive frequent payments. See how to receive frequent payments> >

PCI-Level 1 certificate, the most secure

Payment by card at easypay is processed at a gateway with the PCI-DSS Level 1 security seal, which protects the card number used by your customer and your business against payment card fraud. easypay guarantees that it never saves the number of customer cards in its system. See in action >

Refunds as simple as payments

In addition to receiving payments, the easypay platform also allows you to manage refunds. See how to get started >

Start accepting Visa and Mastercard payments today

All type of payments, one gateway

Receive single payments

Online Stores

Upon purchase, our platform holds the amount due until you give us the order to collect. This order can be processed at the time of the purchase, at shipment or at delivery. And you can choose whether to charge the total amount or just a partial value.


To receive payments from invoices, the Visa and Mastercard Payment Gateway allows you to send a link to your customer to enter their card details.

Receive frequent payments

Online Stores

The Visa and Mastercard Gateway with card-on-file technology allows your customer to store all the card details for future purchases. To protect card data, easypay converts it into a key (token).

Services and utilities

To receive service and utilities payments, use the card-on-file functionality. Your customer can make a new payment, with just one click without re-entering the card details.

Receber pagamentos de subscrições

Donations and quotas

To receive payments in this way, the donor, when becoming a friend or member of the institution, simply fills in the card details in an easypay form and chooses the frequency and the amount with which he wants to help. Then, easypay automatically charges the amounts on the agreed dates.


To receive payments of this type, your customer fills in the card details in a form or card gateway when subscribing to the service. On the agreed dates, we will debit the card for the previously agreed amount .


Receiving subscription payments is simple with the easypay payment solution. The customer fills in the card details in a form and approves the amount and frequency. Then, easypay automatically charges the amounts on the agreed dates.


Water, gas, electricity, telecommunications. When subscribing to the service, the customer fills in the card details in a form or card gateway. On the agreed dates, the amount you communicate to us in advance will be charged so that you can receive payment.


Frequently asked questions related to card payments.

Yes. As long as the partner has active Visa and Mastercard cards and if your partner has contracted this payment method with easypay.

These are the main advantages of accepting credit card payments with easypay

  • Credit cards are the most used payment method in the world​
  • They are a safe option, as the payment is processed at a gateway with the PCI-Level 1 security seal, which protects your business against payment card fraud
  • They make checkout (purchase) easier, as the customer only needs to enter their card details, which makes receiving payments simpler and faster. Checkout can be even easier with the use of a pre-registered card

How to generate a Visa and Mastercard payment on Backoffice easypay:

  1. Pay attention to safety rules
  2. Access Backoffice easypay
  3. 'Multibanco Reference' menu and under 'New Reference'
  4. Choose the reference that fits the intended transaction
  5. If applicable, choose the intended date for the reference's validity (min. 24h)
  6. Value – min. 1 euro
  7. Fill in the optional fields for future identification
  8. 'To submit'
  9. Return to the menu ‘Multibanco References‘ and then ‘References Listing
  10. Choose the option 'Link visa' on the right
  11. Copy and send the link to the customer so that he can make the payment;

Once the payment has been successfully made, it will appear in the 'Payment Account' menu', '5 years file'

For more questions, consult the 'Backoffice user manual' found in the lower right corner of the easypay Backoffice.

Yes, but you must have at least one landing page because for easypay to activate Visa and Mastercard Cards, companies must be validated by the acquirer. This validation requires an analysis of the site and confirmation that it includes some mandatory components.

1. If you have already activated the Visa and Mastercard Card channel, you can integrate via API, or if you have the easypay checkout, you can configure it directly, or you can generate payments directly in the BO (see tutorial here).

2. If you haven't already signed up, first check the Visa and Mastercard manual and how to request the activation of the channel, following the steps described. Then, send us an email to with the subject: "Card Activation", requesting the activation of Visa and Mastercard Cards.

3. This means of payment is not automatically available as must always be activated by easypay.

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