easypay Credit Intermediary

(articles 53º and 54º of the Legal Framework of Credit Intermediaries, approved by the Decree-Law No.81 C/2017, of July 7)

Article 53º (Information concerning credit intermediation activity).

Easypay – Payments Institution, Lda., with registered office at Rua Soares de Passos, nº 14-B, 1300-537 Lisbon, Portugal, is a company providing electronic payment services, duly authorised by Banco de Portugal under special registration number 8706, having a share capital of €125.000, registered at the Lisbon Commercial Registry under the Collective Person number: 505 237 431.

Contacts: Telephone: 213617930; Mobile: 913363009; e-mail: correio@easypay.pt;

Registration with Banco de Portugal: Easypay is a Payments Institution authorised and registered at Banco de Portugal, under registration number 8706, carrying out credit intermediation services, as set forth in paragraph c), of No.1 of article 5th of the Legal Framework of Easypay’s Credit Intermediaries’, which may be consulted/verified in the following web address:

Category: Easypay is a payments institution providing credit intermediation services in the category of tied credit intermediary;

Binding agreement:
Easypay celebrated the credit intermediary binding agreement with Santander Consumer Finance – Portugal Branch (hereinafter referred to as SCF);

The binding of Easypay to SCF, as credit intermediary, was agreed under a non-exclusive basis;

Within the framework of the credit intermediary binding agreement celebrated with SCF, Easypay is authorised to provide presentation/referral services or the proposal of consumer credit contracts, with the clear exception of home loan contracts and consultancy services;

Easypay’s activity of credit intermediation is covered for professional civil liability through policy nº 2525656, valid until December 31st 2022, through the insurer HISCOX;

Under the terms of article 46th of the Legal Framework of Credit Intermediaries, Easypay, in the quality of credit intermediary, is forbidden to receive or deliver any values related with the constitution, execution and anticipated fulfilment of credit agreements;
Easypay, as credit intermediary, is subject to the supervision of Banco de Portugal.

Procedures to file complaints with Easypay.
The complaints related to the activity as Credit Intermediary can be filed with Easypay through the existing complaints book at Easypay’s head office or through the virtual complaints book, available at https://www.livroreclamacoes.pt/inicio.

Means to file complaints through Banco de Portugal
The complaints related with the activity of the credit Intermediary can also be filed through Banco de Portugal, via banking customer portal at www.clientebancario.bportugal.pt or to the following address: Banco de Portugal, Rua do Comércio 148, 1100-150 Lisboa.

Alternative Settlement of Disputes means which Easypay is a member of:

Câmara de Comércio e Indústria Portuguesa – Centro de Arbitragem Comercial
R. das Portas de Santo Antão 89, 1169-022 Lisboa
Tel.:(+351) 213 224 053
E-mail: sm.centrodearbitragem@ccip.pt, asb.centrodearbitragem@ccip.pt


Universidade Católica Portuguesa – Centro de Arbitragem
Centro de Arbitragem da UCP, Palma de Cima,
1649-023 Lisboa
Tel.: (+351)217 214 178

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