Accept Direct Debit payments for your subscription business

Gyms, schools, associations. Receiving frequent payments or direct debit subscriptions is easy.
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Why your business should accept Direct Debit payments ?

Frictionless payments

Direct debit is the simplest way to receive regular payments, such as water bills, electricity, gas, telecommunications expenses, insurance, fees, installments and rent. Provide a more intuitive experience >
Provide a more intuitive experience > >

A single authorization

With a single authorization, your company can receive payments by direct debit on the agreed dates and amounts. As an automated service, it does not require any additional action. See prices >
See prices >

Works anywhere in SEPA

SEPA Direct Debit allows your company to debit payments to any bank account inside the SEPA region.
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Total flexibility

Our approach to Direct Debit means you can return funds and change the amounts, billing dates and bank account details.
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Start accepting Direct Debit payments today

Receive frequent and subscription
payments with Direct Debit

Frequent payments


Allow your customers to make new payments with a single click. No need to re-enter bank account details

Online stores

Debit the bank account at any time, after the customer has authorized the SEPA Direct Debit in your online store. .

Subscription payments


The donor fills in the bank account information in an easypay form and chooses how often and how much to donate. We automatically charges the amounts on the agreed dates.


Gym, Wine Clubs, and Music on demand. When subscribing to the service, the customer fills in the bank account details in a form or on the SEPA Direct Debit Gateway. On the agreed dates, the bank account is debited for the correct amount.


Water, gas, electricity, telecommunications - The customer fills in the bank account details in a form or on the SEPA Direct Debit Gateway when subscribing to the service. On the agreed dates, we charge the amount due.


Frequently asked questions related to Direct Debit payments.

These are the main advantages of accepting direct debits with easypay

  • No delays in payments. You will never have to go after a payment again. Direct debit allows you to automate payments on the right dates
  • Flexibility: direct debit is not just for fixed amounts. Once Direct Debit is in place, you can use it to charge frequent payments or subscriptions of any amount.
  • Control cash flow. Choose payment dates, which means you will be able to predict the future revenue of your business.
It allows the customer, when making a new purchase, not to have to re-enter payment data, eliminating payment friction and giving you a better shopping experience. Unlike subscriptions, where the amount and frequency are fixed (learn more).
These are recurring and automatic collections of payments with a fixed amount and defined frequency. Unlike Frequent Payments, which do not have a defined value, frequency and periodicity (learn more).

SEPA (Single Euro Payment Area) is a geographic area which includes 36 European countries (with or without the Euro as the official currency). In this space, companies and other agents can make and receive payments in euros (with the same rights and obligations). More information here.

With easypay, you can:

  • Authorize direct debit payments: To make a direct debit payment, the customer must authorize execution on their account. easypay handles the management of this process, through the presentation of a specific form for this purpose.
  • Allow direct debit refund: In the case of direct debit associated with private (non-company) accounts, the easypay solution allows you to process the return in a simple way, up to eight weeks after it has been made.
  • Revoking direct debit: Even in a situation of revoking direct debit, easypay is your partner. In the case of private accounts, the bank can revoke a payment up to the 6th day after payment. The customer can do this until 46 days have passed. In the case of business accounts, only the bank can do so, until the 6th day. The periods referred to are measured in banking business days. easypay makes it easy and manages this entire process for your company.

To include a new payment method, you must have contracted it with us:

1) If you are already contracted, you can integrate via API, or if you have the easypay checkout, you can configure it directly, or you can generate payments directly on the Backoffice (see tutorial here).

2) If you don't have it yet, you must send us a request to, with the subject "Adding Direct Debits" to send you a Proposal for an Amendment to the contract you have with us and be able to start using Direct Debits.

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