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Single payments

For single payments made by customers when purchasing a product or service.



Online and offline

Frequent payments

Frequent Payments allow the customer, when making a new purchase, to skip re-entering payment data.

Improved customer experience


Online and offline


If you want to make recurring and automatic payments with a fixed amount and defined frequency, use the easypay subscription service.





Now you can issue bank transfers to your suppliers and employees, directly from your easypay Payments Account.

Issue payment to third-parties

Payments by Multibanco Reference or Bank Transfer

Process refunds


Simpler, faster and more intuitive. With just one integration, activate the leading payment methods.

Designed to reduce friction

Simplified integration

Total flexibility

Fee payment account

A commission account segregated from the easypay Payments Account that makes bank reconciliation simpler.

More transparency

Simplified integration

Easy account restock

Split payments

Ideal for splitting funds between suppliers. A solution that automatically splits the payment for a purchase/service across multiple merchants or suppliers in a marketplace

Automatic fund distribution

Define who pays payment fees

Process refunds

Hold transfers until delivery confirmation

Shared payments

Accept payments by several people.

Share payment of a monthly fee

Allow customers to split payments


easypay Now

Failed to charge a Direct Debit? Automatically send your customers an SMS or emails to make a new attempt at charging with a different payment methods: Multibanco Reference, MBWay, Visa and Mastercard.

Notifications via SMS or email

3 alternative payment methods

Automatic payment receipts

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