Install the easypay gateway on your WIX platform

The easypay Plugin for the WIX ecommerce platform and hotel solution is the first and only native Portuguese plugin, providing all payment methods.
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Payment methods that you can offer.

Advantages of the easypay Plugin for Wix

Certified integration

Made from scratch for the best functioning on the Wix platform, ensuring seamless and hassle-free integration.

Best consumer experience in frictionless payment

Payments are integrated with the rest of the platform.

Easy and Reliable

Greater stability of the plugin and reduction of the risk of incompatibilities because it was developed in partnership with Wix itself.

Better support and updates

Because it is native, it benefits from support and direct updates from the Wix platform (especially useful for accessing regular updates, to add new features and ensure compatibility with the platform).

Checkout easypay com all the means of payment

checkout easypay

Designed to reduce friction in payment and increase the conversion rate of sales

Ease and speed of inclusion of new means of payment

Integrated returns

How to install our gateway and accept payments in Wix

Wix provides a simple guide on how to set up easypay.

easypay integrates with your online store

We provide APIs so that you can accept payments in your custom online store, even without a dedicated team. We have plugins and partnering solutions that can help.

Your business grows with easypay

We simplify complexity with efficient payments, simplified management.
Get ready to sell more with our global payment solutions.