Receive payments with QR Codes

Create QR Codes with all your payment information and share them easily with your customers.

Why use QR Codes for payments


By scanning a QR Code, customers are redirected to the checkout page, where they can choose from several payment methods easypay offers, such as MB Way, Visa and Mastercard.


Choose between open QR Codes - which allow for flexible amounts, say, in a donation - or closed QR Codes, with all the information already entered to facilitate payment.


QR Codes can be used in a wide variety of situations, from payments in physical stores to online donations, adapting to different business and organizational contexts.


QR Codes incorporate robust security measures to protect financial transactions. As well as being beneficial for merchants, they reinforce consumer confidence.

Use Cases

QR Codes can be advantageous for all types of business, and in particular for these 4 usage scenarios.

Physical stores, such as clothing stores or restaurants, can simplify payments with QR Codes.
For example, by placing a QR Code on the counter or table, you’re allowing customers to make payments simply by scanning with a smartphone. This way, you do not need an Automatic Payment Terminal (APT). It is a more accessible and faster solution for receiving payments.

QR Codes can be printed on paper or displayed on mobile devices to facilitate transactions at events, fairs or tourist sites. Participants scan the code to make payments, speeding up the purchase of products or services in dynamic environments. Thus, transactions are not dependent on physical cash and take place in a more fluid experience.

QR Codes are especially practical for organizations that depend on donations to finance their activities, such as IPSS, clubs or associations. QR Codes can be incorporated into websites, or physical premises, allowing visitors to make donations or pay membership fees in a simple and agile way.

How does it work?

Creating a QR Code with a payment link is easy.

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