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Easypay addon for Cegid Primavera billing software

The easypay addon for Cegid Primavera billing software is a flexible and advanced solution with various payment methods, and features such as Pay by link, compatible with version 10 (professional or executive range) of ERP Primavera.

Increase the automation of financial processes and improve customer experience and legal compliance and gain operational efficiency and business growth.

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What payment methods can you integrate with?



Advantages of integrating easypay into billing software

All means of payment to pay an invoice - the customer chooses the one of his preference

• Multibanco References

(closed amount and payment deadline equal to the invoice due date)
• Bank Transfer with Digital IBAN 
(define a Digital IBAN per payer)
• Direct Debit
(Send a message to your customer with the information that it will be charged on the invoice due date).
• QRCode
A link to easypay checkout with other payment methods: MB Way, Visa & Mastercard Cards, Flex Universe, SCF, etc.

Pay by Link - create and send links or QR Codes to pay an invoice and increase the billing fee

Customers are directed to easypay checkout and make payment through their preferred methods.

Integration made simple

The easypay plugin is native to the Cegid Primavera software,
a complete solution ready to be installed.

  • Financial automation

    Financial automation reduces manual intervention and errors, including reconciliation of payments and invoices with innovative payment methods.

  • Online payments

    Your customers can pay online which improves the customer experience.

  • Diversity of means of payment

    Offer a variety of payment options, including Direct Debit, Visa and Mastercard, Digital IBAN and MB Way with the easypay plugin.

  • Security

    Easypay’s PCIDS level one certification protects the financial data of customers and companies.

  • Cost Reduction

    Financial automation reduces errors and operating costs.

  • Agility

    The easypay gateway accelerates payment processing, optimising cash flow.

  • Payment monitoring

    Easily track the status of payments with the easypay gateway, maintaining control over accounts receivable and payable.

  • Integration with other ERP modules

    Integrate the easypay gateway with ERP modules for an efficient and holistic view of processes, including inventory, accounting and customer management.

How to install and start accepting payments

easypay integrates with your online store

We provide APIs so that you can accept payments in your custom online store, even without a dedicated team. We have plugins and partnering solutions that can help.

Your business grows with easypay

We simplify complexity with efficient payments, simplified management.
Get ready to sell more with our global payment solutions.