Accept subscription payments without wasting time.

Make automatic payment collections of fixed amounts and frequencies.
Easy Pay

Why your business needs subscription payments


Facilitate your customer's shopping experience with the automatic payment feature, eliminating the need to enter data with each new purchase.


Receive monthly payments, subscriptions, covenants or donations through Direct Debit or Visa and Mastercard Cards.

Promote Customer Loyalty

Your customer only needs to activate the subscription once, after that all future payments will be automatic, increasing your conversion rate and customer loyalty.

Over 10 years of experience with subscriptions for large merchants who need an efficient and automatic system to manage thousands of customers and billings per month.

All you can do with easypay Subscriptions

Set the start date and end date of the subscription

The number of charges

The periodicity of the collection;

The number of attempts per billing

Ready to accept subscription payments?

Designed for your business

  • Newspaper Subscriptions
  • Fees for Gyms and Colleges/Universities;
  • Late payment collections
  • Donations

What payment methods can you integrate with?

The easypay API allows simple set up with the most used means of payment.

Your business grows with easypay

We simplify complexity with efficient payments, simplified management.
Get ready to sell more with our global payment solutions.