Company Activity


Protected items and cultural artefacts

Sale of items and cultural artefacts protected by UNESCO's 1970 Convention on the Means of Prohibiting and Preventing the Illicit Import, Export and Transfer of Ownership of Cultural Property or by other form prevented by sales, export or transfer law

Illegal or Stolen Items

Materials, products or information that promote illegal items or that allow illegal acts; items that aren't owned by the institution or for which it has no legal rights to sell; items produced in violation of third party rights; smuggling of items and materials, violating the export, import or labeling restrictions; motor vehicles with transfer restrictions; items saved in public reccords (such as real estate) on which a transfer requires certain formalities that can't be legally submitted online

Offensive crimes and items

Photographs and crime-scene items or evidence, such as personal belongings, associated to criminals or criminal acts

Military Equipment and weapons

Sale of any type of weaponry, weapons, munitions or accessories

Pyrotechnic devices and dangerous materials

Sale of fireworks or related products; toxic, inflammable and radioactive materials and substances; explosives

Drugs and accessories

Any business with products that have the sole purpose of helping or incentivating illegal drug usage

Identifications, Badges and documents from Government or State Organizations

Sale or promotion of sale, included but not limited to, identification cards or other government or state identification methods, passports, diplomas, nobility held titles and uniforms, unless sold by an authorized government organization or by a certified supplier authorized by a government agency

Services that support illegal activities

Any activity that promotes, directly or indirectly, illegal activities

Stocks, quotas, options or other investment titles

Brokerage institutions, that directly buy or sell stocks, quotas, options, bonds or other investment titles

Attorneys or bankruptcy administrators

Attorney offices or attorneys which main activity is to counsil upon bankruptcy and debt management

Billing agencies, debt management agencies, refinancing debts, mortgages, other payment service providers

Billing agencies, debt management agencies, processing payments acting by contract with card issuers and acquirers

Representation Agencies

Companies that fill subscriptions or execute orders by others. It is important to guarantee that they're properly insured in case of damage caused to items. For each case it is necessary to verifiy insurance and its risk coverage

Real Estate Brokers

Companies which activity is related in any way or form to buying and selling real estate

Warranty extension

Companies tha provide warranty extensions


Guarantors to secure and guarantee to the judicial system of an accused individual

Trade Institutions in which it is possible to cash cheques or travelers-cheques; buy foreign currency

Insitutions involved in the process of buying and selling currency, cashing travelers-cheques or vouchers, non-financial institutions responsible for charging pre-payed cards, such as exchange offices and hotels and institutions that execute payment orders and money transfers

Precious metals and stones

Institutions dedicated to buying and selling precious metals and stones, including jewelry

Virtual or digital coins

Virtual or digital coins that are easily converted to real money are considered as a mecanism highly susceptible of being used in money laundering schemes


Companies that loan money in exchange for personal goods left as warranty

Child Adoption Agencies

Companies that accept money for placing children in adoptive families

Modelling agencies and schools

Agencies and schools that provide their services to candidates of a career in fashion

Fortune tellers

Includes card dealers, tarot readers, astrology and mystic

Consultancy Companies and Non-Certified or non-autorized counselling centers

Finantial counselling or debt restructuring activities, marital and family counselling, drug and alcohol abuse counselling or other non-licensed personal counselling

Miracle cures

Non-fundamented cures, remedies or other items commercialized as quick corrections or tests.

Article writing or academic exames sharing

Services that provide selling of pre-written assays, thesis and academic articles, dissertations and exams or tests

Bodyguards and private detectives

Personal protection services, bodyguards and private detectives

Charity Institutions, third sector and NGO's

Charity Institutions without organized accounting and/or audited accounts may not be accepted. Considered accounting and auditing companies shall be determined by easypay. To process MOTO payments, they must have audited accounts and accounting made by a renowned company

Gambling, online luck games, counselling and game predictions, bets, speculation, etc

Running of gambling establishments, luck games and internet bets

Gamming, internet games and illegal games

Provision of illegal games, internet games and luck games that aren't licensed for the type of service provided

Agencies and show business managers

Agencies that sell tickets to shows that aren't considered direct marketing merchants. Non-restrictive to the entertainment industry

High market value items

Stores that sell items for which its value depends on what the consumers are willing to pay, creating probable disputes between clients. These activities are highly susceptible of fraud - the product is fake or its value is deliberatly overestimated. Includes selling of stamps and coins

Fake or non authorized items

Replicas or copies of other items; items with no authorization from celebraties that usually require it for association; fake autographs, coins, stamps, tickets and other potencially non authorized products

Online shopping malls

Companies that provide selleing and buying services to individuals and other companies according to fees, acting as intermediate in the buying process


Sales trough an antique, plastic art and collections auction shape, exclusive to merchants, private buyers, museums and other institutions

Direct marketing

Companies with catalogue sales and outlet stores; companies that sell products and subscription services via mail, or other direct answer methods

Direct Marketing - questionable products

Direct marketing of cosmestics, vitamins, water purifying systems, solar heat dryers, diet products and information and added value services

Mass Marketing

Companies that provide services or disclose tools and e-mail lists and products that allow unsolicited electronic messages (spam)

Multi-level marketing

Marketing activities in which the sales force is compensated not only by the sales reached, but by the sales of recrutees, creating a line of distributors and a hierarchy of several levels of compensation

Marketing multi-nivel

Actividades de marketing em que a força de vendas é compensada não apenas pelas vendas que geram pessoalmente, mas também pelas vendas de outros que este recrutou, criando uma linha de distribuidores e uma hierarquia de vários níveis de compensação.

Outbound telemarketing marketing

Companies that sell via telephone or mail, in which the client can share directly with the company or its representatives his or hers payment data

Big events and conferences organization

Companies that organize conferences or other events that usually require a big customer service effort, such as concerts

Used and second-hand vehicles

Companies that sell cars, motorcicles and other second-hand or used vehicles

Pyramid sales

Includes cases in multiple levels of people making money through other people without a real product or questionable product to sell

Electronic cigarettes

Companies that sell electronic cigarettes or accessories

Pharmaceutical medicines

Any type of drug or medicine that implies subscription

Physiotherapists, osteopaths and masseurs

Companies that provide therapeutical and medical massages that are properly licensed and/or certified

Nutraceuticals and dietary control substances

Dietary products that are suposed to offer medical and health benefits, including treatment and prevention of several diseases. These products can vary among isolated nutrients, dietary supplements and specific diets for geneticaly modified products, herbal products and processed products, such as cereals, soups and beverages

Human organs

Selling and promoting sales of organs or any human body part, including fluids, stem cells and others

Animal organs and protected species

Selling and promoting sales of animal organs, parts, blood or fluids; toxic herbs; forbidden seeds; plants or other organisms (including by-products) in danger of extinction or that their trading is in part regulated by law

Beauty and health salons

Companies dedicated to personal beauty services and massages

Massage parlour

Any services related to massage parlours

Adult content

Companies that supply contents for adults, chat services to schedule or promote encounters and adult entreteinment such as sexual activities

Male enlargement sales

Products or techniques to enlarge the perimeter, lenght or hardness of the male genitalia

Pornography and bestiality

Any activity related to sex or with a violent nature such as pornography, bestiality, paedophilia, sadism, masochism, bondage, domination and submission

Escort Services

Any escort service


Any product related to tobacco

Navigation and traffic devices

Companies that sell radar blockers, vehicles plates, traffic signs and products or services related

Devices or techniques to unlock technical protection measures

Mod chips or other devices for circumventing technical protection measures on digital devices, including for unlocking iPhones

Blocking devices

Selling of any signal blocking device or similar, that allow communication blockage and the creation of 'quiet zones' in vehicles, schools, theatres, show rooms, restaurants and other locations

Illegal telecommunications equipments

Selling of devices destined to obtaining free cable or satelite signals, decoders and blackboxes, access cards and its programmers and unloopers, illegal tools or products to modify cellphones or other equipments considered illegal by any regulator from the country in which the product is being sold

Hacking and cracking materials

Selling and promoting manuals, instruction guides, informations or equipments that break the law by damaging or allowing illegal access to software, servers, websites or other protected assets

Media and software protected by copyright

Non-authorized copies of books, music, films and other licensed or protected materials, including copies without ceding rights; non-authorized copies of software, video games and other licensed or protected materials, including OEM or compressed software

Computer programming, data processing and integrated systems desgin services

Merchants that supply computer programming services, system design and data processing services based on contract or fee. They offer a variety of services, such as computer software design and analysis, system modifications, data processing or personalized software

Online sharing services

Companies that provide a platform to share and exchange digital archives

Information or Digital Networks Services

Companies that provide access services through electronic credentials (BBS) or online computer services. BBS is an computerized system that allows users to log in a system using a terminal program. Once logged in, the user can execute several actions such as data and software upload and download, articles and newsletter reading, message sending through email or chat

Selling, maintenance and reparing software and hardware

Merchants that sell hardware and provide hardware maintenance services and software developing services for personal or professional usage

Travel related services

Companies that provide travel related services, such as airlines, travel agencies, cruises, tourism operators, etc


Companies that sell, rent or lease a property in timeshare

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