New Backoffice easypay

Over the next months, we will gradually change the backoffice to make it simpler and more intuitive when accessing relevant information for your business.


Backoffice page header


How the information of Backoffice 2.0 will be organised

We divided the sidebar as follows: information and possible actions regarding:

  • NEW PAYMENTS ACCOUNT, followed by all beneficiary data – merchant.
  • PAYMENTS are divided by types: single, frequent, subscription, outpayments.
  • MANAGEMENT: including Accounts / Fee Payment Account and team & Security
  • CONFIGURATIONS: email configuration and all the necessary tools for developers
  • APPS: Pay by Link, eCommerce (plugins), Forms, Sandbox

With this organisation, you will have access to all the information much more intuitively.


The migration will be phased during this year of 2024.


What can you expect from this new organisation:

  • Easier access to data
  • More filter features
  • Mobile friendly
  • Faster
  • Intuitive




Initial phases of the Project

  1. Change notice
    Change notice activation in backoffice 1.0
  2. Sidebar 2.0
    Sidebar 2.0 release
  3. Backoffice 1.0 & 2.0 coexistence
    From this point onwards, until the migration to Backoffice 2.0 is complete – There will coexist two Backoffice applications 1.0 & 2.0
  4. Information
    On Backoffice 1.0 we will inform that subscriptions menu will be available only on Backoffice 2.0
  5. Subscription menu 2.0
    Subscription menu 2.0 release
  6. Subscription menu 1.0
    Subscription menu 1.0 will be unavailable
  7. Information
    easypay will inform that the landing page is about to change – becoming a Dashboard
  8. Landing page 2.0
    Landing page will have a dashboard with relevant information at a glance
  9. Landing page 1.0
    Landing page 1.0 will be unavailable