Payment Capture – MB Way and Visa and Mastercard Cards

If you verify that a MB Way or Visa and Mastercard payment has been made, however, it is not in your payment account, it is possible that it is pending capture.

The capture can be made up to 7 days after payment.

There may be two moments in a transaction:

  • Authorisation – where the value is authorised and is captive on the end customer’s side.
  • Purchase – when the amount ceases to be captive and in turn is debited and charged from the end customer’s account.

In order to capture a payment manually, you must access the menu corresponding to the means of payment used:


  • List
  • Authorisations and Purchases, here you can consult the transactions made
  • History
  • Capture or Cancel. After clicking on capture the payment the state of the operation is updated.
  • Order processing can take up to 24 hours.

Credit Card

  • Request Payment
  • Validate Payment
  • Fill in “Amount To Order”, which will be the final amount to be invoiced
  • Add a proof of purchase, such as an invoice, the file must respect size and format restrictions.
  • Process Payment.

Up to €150 the system takes a few seconds to process the order automatically.

More than €150 is done a manual processing that can take up to 24 hours.