Cashless payments are here to stay

O futuro do dinheiro é Cashless, dizem os especialistas
O futuro do dinheiro é Cashless, dizem os especialistas

Coins and banknotes are giving way to cashless payments. The pandemic has fueled the need to anticipate the future of payments.

Physical cash was being phased out across the globe long before the pandemic. India banned all coins and notes overnight. In 2019, 70% of the Chinese population made at least one digital purchase a day. As with a lot of other aspects of our lives, the pandemic sped up change in cashless payments.

Handling money can contribute to the transmission of the virus. Therefore, most of us restrict its use in our lives. This contributed decisively to the rise of cashless payments, which has since become the new normal. The pandemic broke through our natural resistance to change.

The advantages of cashless payments

Fintechs, like easypay, has been responding to these urgent needs and bringing the technologies of the future to our daily lives. As money changes, new payment solutions provide more information.

Today, users can accurately know where they shopped, what they bought, check invoices and even share these new payment experiences with friends and family.

Stores, where we shop, will use information about our purchases to improve our options and simplify our lives.

It is easier to decide when we have the information at hand. All of this will be possible with faster platforms, with a greater capacity to store information and, above all, to interpret it, always protecting the privacy of our data.