When does easypay transfer the money

easypay allows you to start using payment instruments before the account opening process is complete. This way you can start receiving payments right away. The amounts will be transferred to the account that you indicate to us, as soon as the account opening process is completed. That means, after the Application is signed by both parties.

If you prefer, you can only start using easypay services after completing the account opening process.

In the ‘Beneficiary’ Menu, as soon as the IBAN is associated with the payment account, it means that easypay has finished the account opening process.

How do I know how much and when easypay will trasfer?

easypay aggregates all payments with the same transfer date into one batch, and makes the transfer for the full amount.

To see the batches and payments that have already been paid but have not yet been transferred to your bank account:

  1. Log into easypay Backoffice;
  2. Payment Account‘;
  3. Download Batch Files‘;
  4. See ‘Transfer Date‘ column;