Online Marketplaces: a new transactional model

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Marketplaces Online

Buying quickly, easily, and safely online is becoming more and more common. This is due to the rise of Online Marketplaces that grow from day to day.

Marketplaces: what are they and how do they work?

There are several ways to sell and buy online. One of them is through online Marketplaces. These platforms assume the role of a digital shopping mall, which brings together a series of merchants and brands in a single online space.

The need for digital marketplaces arises from the urgent need to adapt business strategies to the digital age and to the increasing demands of consumers.

Online Marketplaces facilitate the purchasing process of consumers, in the sense that in a single space and with a few clicks, they can find various purchase options, compare prices and features.

However, alongside the notorious and significant growth of these new transactional models, several issues also arise, related to security and legal requirements.

The challenges for online marketplaces

In this easypay talk, Sebastião de Lancastre, Founder and CEO of easypay joins Pedro Fortes da Cunha, Partner and Lawyer at Fortes da Cunha Associados, and Paulo Pimenta, Owner and CEO of KuantoKusta. Together, these experts debate the future of Marketplaces in Portugal and the world.

In this conversation, we explore how Marketplaces are launched and maintained online. In addition, we analyze how the transactional networks that support the work and the legal, technical and commercial requirements needed for these Marketplaces to operate smoothly, safely and reliably.