Join easypay

Join Easypay

By joining easypay, you are creating a Payments Account where you receive all funds from your transactions.

At the same time, a Fee Payment Account is created where easypay fees are charged.

Joining easypay means:

  • Simple API integration;
  • Possibility of generating payments via Backoffice;
  • Multiple Partners with specific Plugins;
  • A single gateway with all payment methods;
  • Complete backoffice and simple access with monitoring of all transactional information and unlimited history;
  • Real-time notifications.

You can sign up directly on the easypay website (more about onboarding here), where you will have to submit documents for the KYC – Know Your Customer process (learn more here).

Available payment methods:

  1. Multibanco References;
  2. MBWay;
  3. Direct Debits;
  4. Visa and Mastercard cards;
  5. Bank Transfers (with Digital IBAN);

When you open your Payment Account, you will have direct access to the easypay backoffice (home-banking), an exclusive environment where you can monitor all your activity, create new users, extract all information about movements through the history, which is unlimited.