Split Payments

Solution that automatically splits the payment for a purchase/service by multiple merchants or suppliers (Marketplace).

Each time the end customer makes a payment on your online store, the funds are automatically credited to each of the merchants’ easypay Payment Accounts associated with this payment.

easypay Split Payments benefits:

  • In a Split Payment you can define who pays easypay fee: marketplace or multi-merchant.
  • Funds may be held in the easypay Payments Account until the time of confirmation of delivery of the goods or provision of the service.
  • easypay also provides a payment refund service, through the payment method used or via bank transfer (for more information click here).

Perfect Solution for:

  • Marketplaces (Kuanto Kusta, Volup, Portugal Sales, Vinazzo)
  • Online Stores (with multiple suppliers);
  • Payment of commissions to business recruiters (Insurance, Real Estate).