Universo Flex and easypay: installment payment for esellers

With Universo Flex, your online customers can pay using the Universo Card in 3 interest-free installments or in 6/12 months with interest. Merchants are not required to be Credit Intermediaries.

Why should you make Universo Flex available in your online store?

Buy now, pay in installments

With Universo Flex, you can offer customers a new payment method in installments that encourages them to increase their average purchase.

Simple and easy sign-up

A simple easypay integration via API or using easypay checkout.

Increase sales and average purchase value

Customers using Universo Flex tend to increase their shopping cart and the total purchase value, growing your business.

No need to be a Credit Intermediary

easypay acts as a credit intermediary, so it is not necessary for the merchant to do so. We partner with Sonae Financial Services, which manages the Universo Card, developed by the Sonae Group.

Start accepting Universo Flex payments today

How to make the Flex Universe
available in your e-commerce store?

1. Sign-up to Universo Flex

Subscribing to this payment method is simple. Follow these steps:

  • easypay customers: Integration of the Universo Flex payment method, via API or easypay checkout.
  • New customers: Join easypay directly on the website by completing the onboarding process and selecting the Universo Flex payment method
    In either case, the merchant must be accepted by the Visa & Mastercard acquirer

2. Integration via API or via easypay Checkout

Once approved and confirmed by the Visa & Mastercard acquirer, you only have to integrate via API or via easypay checkout. It is an easy and simple process to start giving your customers the possibility to pay in installements in your online store.

3. The customer chooses the Flex Universe at the time of payment

At checkout, customers select “Universo Flex”. Then, they choose the payment method directly in the Universo APP. Finally, payment is processed after confirmation. It’s very simple, fast and secure.


Sonae Financial Services is the entity that manages the Universo Card, owned by the Sonae Group, with a customer base of 900,000 users.

It is a payment method for online stores. This solution allows end customers to pay for their purchases in 3 installments without interest, or 6/12 installments with interest on online sales sites.

No, easypay acts as a Credit Intermediary.

  • Payment is in 3 interest-free installments, 6 or 12 months with interest
  • The maximum amount to which the customer has access depends on the limit contracted with the Universo Card
  • Available 24h/7 days a week

Those who are easypay customers and accepted by the Visa & Mastercard acquirer

Payment confirmation and shipping leadtime is the same as for any Visa and Mastercard Cards

Just like any other payment, navigate to the easypay Backoffice and find the transaction under Payment Account Menu. Records are kept for 5 years. This payment method is identified with “uf”

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